Fielding Lewis

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A room furnished with antiques stained in rich tones, images that depict a Virginia landscape, and equipped with the most luxurious bathroom in all of the 1931 addition to the Inn- including a standard, individual size Jacuzzi tub (not meant to accomodate more than one person at a time) and shower combination.  Located between both homes that Lewis lived in throughout his adulthood, 1201 Princess Anne Street and the Kenmore Plantation, his life and work inspired the décor of room 207.  This room contains a connecting door to the Ville de Frejus for couples and families.

Additional History

Born July 7, 1725 at the Warner Hall Plantation in Gloucester, Virginia, Fielding Lewis moved to Fredericksburg as a young man during the 1740s to operate his father’s flooring and storage warehouse. Originally Lewis married Catherine Washington, his second cousin and George’s first cousin. After bearing three children, Catherine passed due to complications in childbirth and Lewis soon married Betty Washington, George’s sister. Before building the Kenmore Plantation in 1769, Fielding and Betty lived at 1201 Princess Anne Street, directly across the street from the Inn.