In 2001, Rob Alling, the current owner of the Kenmore Inn, purchased the business. After several stages of renovations, the grounds and structure are in pristine condition with a full bar and restaurant on the garden level, dining and common spaces on the main level,...


Edward and Alice Bannan purchased the Kenmore Inn in 1986 and added the Kenmore Pub in 1988, the Sunken Patio Garden and Garden Room in 1989.


The Kenmore Lodge, as it was then known, was slated for demolition due to the gradual decline of the downtown tourist industry. The lot was considered for the construction of what is today lovingly known as “The Big Ugly” –the multi-story Executive Office Building on...


The Kenmore Inn opens for business. More than 2,000 people attended a celebratory open house.


The building is purchased by James T. Horton, who adds a rear wing and a garage in the basement.